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Benhildah Antonio

Project Assistant


Benhildah Antonio holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Honors Degree in Natural Resources Management and a Post Diploma in Project Planning and management. She is a young conservationist with a natural curiosity and a strong desire to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation.

Benhildah is very passionate about birds and keenly interested in conserving their habitats. She joined Birdlife Zimbabwe as a member and volunteer in 2017 to date focusing on education and awareness campaigns in schools and communities about birds and habitat conservation. Currently, she is working with Birdlife Zimbabwe as the Project Assistant of the preventing extinctions program. Her role includes organising and coordinating vulture awareness campaigns, outreach programs, meetings, and workshops with local communities and other stakeholders. All these efforts are meant to save African vultures from the global extinction crisis.

Her goal is to become a conservation champion, increasing community awareness about biodiversity conservation issues and assisting in shaping policies that favour biodiversity conservation in Zimbabwe. She reckons that there are many challenges to conservation particularly in Zimbabwe therefore there is a need to build knowledge through research to cover some of the gaps in conservation and continuous education of local communities about conservation issues.