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Barovwe Omoweh

Product Manager


Barovwe Daniella Omoweh is a graduate of Forestry and Wildlife from the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria and a junior researcher with IFRA (Institute for French Research in Africa, Nigerian chapter).

Currently working as a Product Manager for Enchanting Naturals, a small scale business sponsored by the Shell live wire entrepreneurship program in the production of organic ethnic skincare and hair products from easily recycled materials in the environment.

She volunteers with Enchanting life etin’e foundation to create awareness for mental health challenges mostly associated with environmental based issues and with Splash initiative dedicated to alleviate poverty associated issues in the community.

She is interested in pursuing a master’s degree in climate change mitigation measures and venturing into the health sector to gain the experience needed to create a foundation that meets the needs of youths in addressing the issues of addictions due to environmental exposure.

She spends her free time in a book club (the literacy rage) discussing books with like minded scholars monthly and taking courses online to further deepen her knowledge of the world at large.