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Bandile Mkhwanazi

Environmental Scientist


Bandile Mkhwanazi is employed by the National Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment. His primary objective as an Environmental Scientist, a confident communicator, a motivating team leader, results-driven individual skilled in multi-stakeholder engagement and enabling delivery of strategic objectives in order to utilise his analytical problem-solving skills as a tool to develop solutions. He analyses and investigates problems in an environment that rewards initiative, dedication, and results. His years of experience in the national sphere of government particularly in biodiversity and conservation projects have equipped him with a distinctive ability to deliver complex systems that not only support but inform organisational strategies. The quality of his work is accentuated by my postgraduate studies and qualifications. 

His passion is driven by the satisfaction of improving and impacting the lives of ordinary people through the interface between social and environmental systems with a focus on sustainable development. He fancies himself as a passionate Geographer/Environmentalist, a Scholar with a keen interest in Climate Change, Urban Geography, Biodiversity, and Conservation. After all, we must be willing to learn from everything we do, the successes and failures to do better in the future. “I find fulfilment from being able to carry out what is enshrined in the Batho Pele principles and to execute what is expected of me as a public servant on a daily basis with diligence and care”.