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Asiimire Mariat

Wetlands Officer


Asiimire Mariat is a Conservation Scientist currently working as a Wetlands Officer with the Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda. Her role involves supporting the development, testing, and promotion of scientific knowledge base for optimal wetlands management, setting standards, supporting the formulation and review of national policies, legislations, and strategies on wetlands management, and supporting the inspection, monitoring, and evaluation of activities of the different stakeholders so as to ensure compliance with the national standards, policies, and plans among others. 

She obtained a Bachelor of science in Conservation Biology from Makerere University and is currently pursuing a Master of Environmental Sciences from the same. Mariat began work with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development where she gained skills in land registration and management. 

Mariat believes that every single life matters and that when you conserve nature, you have conserved life. Her love for nature emanates from childhood, she grew up immersed in the hills and valleys of south western Uganda and has since devoted her life to conserving the natural world and ensuring its sustainability. Off work, Mariat enjoys participating in charity events, visiting friends, and taking her children, nieces, and nephews to play.