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Ashton Mouton

South Africa

Ashton Mouton


Ashton Mouton completed his tertiary qualification at the University of the Western Cape in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. He volunteered his time during his student days at various community organisations that seek to empower impoverished communities through various skills development programs.

He has been working within the Urban Conservation sector for more than a decade within the City of Cape Town, starting as an Intern and progressing to a Field Ranger and eventually to a Reserve Supervisor on various nature reserves. The intense management of urban conservation spaces has allowed me to develop my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to be more adaptable, resilient and ambitious.

One of his core roles within the Recreation & Parks department is to educate staff and public on the importance of the local biodiversity and how to adapt operational duties to balance biodiversity conservation and horticultural duties.

Mouton has a passion for vegetation restoration and is willing to teach as many interested people as possible to reverse the biodiversity crises the world is currently facing on a local level.

His career goals are to combine his applied work experience with his extensive theoretical background, to facilitate strategic environmental management systems design and implementation at a localised, provincial and national level. To be part of a dynamic team that focuses on various environmental elements in the contemporary Southern African society.