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Amabile Maraika

Environmental and Wildlife Conservation Practitioner


Amabile Maraika is an Environmental and Wildlife Conservation Practitioner and advocate of sustainable landscapes and wildlife places. She is interested in participating in this course of living landscapes. The course presents an opportunity for her to learn more about landscape conservation and management. I am very interested in learning about community-led conservation landscapes including the complexities and interrelatedness of the challenges that face our wildlife, planet, and its people. I am looking forward to the fieldwork trip to contextualise the conservation challenges in key living landscapes field sites.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and currently works as a Conservation Manager working with KKAKKA Community Wildlife Association (CWA) in Karenga Uganda. A course in biodiversity and social justice will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that I need to accomplish the goals of my community and organisation.
I am looking forward to learning from the instructors and other fellow students.