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Adventino Banjwa



Adventino Banjwa is a Ugandan Ph.D. Fellow on the Interdisciplinary MPhil./Ph.D. Programme in Social Studies at the Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR) in Kampala, Uganda. He holds an Interdisciplinary MPhil. in Social Studies of Makerere University (2021), a MSc. in Development Studies of Lund University (2017), and a Bachelor of Development Studies of Makerere University (2013). His MSc. Thesis featured a critique of the global discursive construction of new forms of energy as the panacea for ‘poverty’ in rural Africa (Uganda). Prior to joining graduate studies, Adventino worked as a field staff in monitoring and social advocacy with Caritas Lugazi Diocese, a Catholic development organization in central Uganda. Adventino’s doctoral research builds on interdisciplinary approaches to interrogate post-World War II violent and non-violent demands to reimagine and reconstitute Uganda’s (postcolonial) state along federalist lines, and the different motivations (political, economic, cultural, etc.) that have historically driven different groups to demand for a federally organized postcolonial Uganda. He is also involved in a related Inter-University research project on ‘Decolonization, the Disciplines, and the University’, featuring Makerere University and other Universities in Africa, Asia, and the United States. Adventino has recently participated in a book project on Capital Penetration and the Peasantry in Southern and Eastern Africa (Mazwi et al., 2022), and he is participating in another book project on Chinese Agricultural Investments in Africa (Mazwi et al., forthcoming). His research interests broadly rotate around themes on African history, development and the state, colonialism, postcolonialism, and decolonization.