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Nalwimba, Nkumbu



Nkumbu Nalwimba holds a PhD in Rural Development and Management Studies from China Agricultural University, and researches foreign aid, agricultural investments, farmer input programs, agricultural value chains, livelihoods, political economy and land governance.  She works for the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia in the Department of Agribusiness and Marketing as a Senior Agricultural Economist and her work revolves around working with smallholder farmers in order to improve their agricultural productivity, production, income and food security. In the Ministry of Agriculture, she has been significantly involved in the implementation of various projects including the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP),  the Market Oriented Rice Development Project funded by JICA, Opportunities for Youth in Africa(OYA) supported by FAO and UNIDO, Enhanced Smallholder Agribusiness Promotion Programme supported by IFAD and the Sustainable Intensification of Smallholder Farming Systems in Zambia (SIFAZ) funded by the European Union through the FAO in Zambia, Smallholder Support Programme supported by WFP, among others .

She was a Research Fellow for the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC). Nkumbu is also a recipient of the grant under the Young African Researchers in Africa (YARA) whose research focused on Zambia’s agricultural transformation amidst the covid-19 pandemic. 

Her research articles have been published in the Journal of Peasant Studies; Geo Journal among other journals. She is currently a research Fellow under the Gender Transformative Social Policy Research (GETSPA) Post -Covid Project in Africa hosted by the Institute of African Studies under University of Ghana.