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Mashingauta Aisha



My name is Aisha Mashingauta. I am a second year PhD student in the History Department, at Stellenbosch University. I hold an undergraduate degree in Economic History and a Masters degree in African Economic History, both awarded by the University of Zimbabwe. I have research interest in the agricultural history Zimbabwe. I am currently working on the role of the Grain Marketing Board in agrarian change in Zimbabwe. I have one publication co-authored with Godfrey Hove, titled: Profit Versus Pragmatism: Foot and Mouth Disease and Southern Rhodesia’s Cattle Industry, 1930s – 1940s and another upcoming book chapter, titled:  “Birth Control, Peace, and Security: The Political Economy of Family Planning in Zimbabwe, 1980-2005”, Book Chapter in a book titled, The Search for Peace and Human Security in Zimbabwe: An Interdisciplinary Overview, University of Zimbabwe Publications.  I hold one award from the University of Zimbabwe, as an outstanding Masters Student in the faculty of Arts in 2018. I have presented on several international platforms in Italy, Spain, and Germany. Aisha is a member of the Young Scholars Initiative, Zimbabwe Historical Association, and the African Economic History Network. Apart from working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and as Teaching Assistant at the University of Zimbabwe, I was also privileged to work as a Research Assistant for various projects by  agricultural and health institutions in Africa such as the Bio-Medical Research and Training Institute