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Kidane, Freweini Tekle



Freweini Tekle Kidane is a PhD student  in Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR).  She joined the interdisciplinary PhD Social Studies program in 2020. The Five-Year PhD programme entails two years of coursework and three years of dissertation research and writing.  During the first two years course she majored in Political Studies and minored Political economy. Currently, she is in her third year, a year in which she is expected to identify a topic with a key theme and three sub-themes for a thematic essay. This theme should also be available for exploration in area based studies and finally  to develop and write a proposal for her dissertation. Hence, Freweini is in the process of developing  her proposal on social reproduction.  Her dissertation proposal, which is in its initial stage, has been awarded the Next Generation doctoral dissertation proposal development fellowship grant for 2022-2033. 

Her research interest lie in the contemporary agrarian and feminist political economy questions in Eritrea. She is studying the political economy of the nation building process of post-colonial Eritrea and its impact on the agrarian question in general and on the livelihood of the rural poor and on the process of social reproduction, which traditionally and  historically performed by women in particular. Core elements of the nation building process of Eritrea, which are nationalization of land and national service are the lenses through which she will examine and conceptualize the impact of the nation building process both on  the agrarian and the women’s question in Eritrea.