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Gubbini, Emily

United Kingdom


I am a doctoral researcher working with IDOS (German Institute of Development and Sustainability), as part of the project “Science Futures”, which investigates study the role of science in decisions about the futures of rural Africa. My work focuses on how particular spatial planning models gain salience in rural Africa, as well as how, by who, and in what type of power-laden environments spatial planning practices are identified, translated and negotiated in local contexts. 

I have an MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society from the University of Edinburgh, and a BA in Sociology from the University of Essex. I have a solid foundation in critical agrarian studies; my BA dissertation evaluated the potential impact of food activism initiatives; and my MSc thesis focused on the impact of agriculture-focused development corridors in Tanzania and Mozambique. As part of my MSc I looked at seed politics and organic agriculture through a political-economic lens.

Furthermore, I have practical experience in the field of agricultural and environmental policy development through working as a civil servant within the UK Government, where I led on analysis and reporting for two policy areas. I have also worked in the food security field with an NGO operating in Northern Tanzania.