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Ezzabdi Imane



I am Imane Ezzabdi, from Morocco, currently a PhD student in the first year at the Center for Doctoral Studies at the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAV Hassan II) in Rabat, Morocco. My thesis project is part of the research unit on land governance, geosciences and sustainable development. It focuses on the issue of land governance for the preservation of agricultural land in peri-urban areas.

In 2017, I obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Economics at the Ibn Zohr University in Agadir. In 2013, I got a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the Moulay Ismail University in Meknes.

Since January 2018, I have held the position of Manager of the Network of Excellence on Land Governance in North Africa (NELGA NA), whose node is based at the IAV Hassan II in Rabat. This Network has been established by the African Land Policy Centre in Addis Ababa to strengthen human and institutional capacities for the implementation of the African Union’s agenda on land.

Being a member of this network has allowed me to learn about different land issues in Africa. Thus, I collaborated in the organization of several scientific events, seminars and workshops addressing topics related to land and land governance. As part of the NELGA project, I am in charge of coordinating the activities of the Specialized Master on Geospatial Sciences and Land Governance at IAV Hassan II. I am also a publishing assistant for the scientific journal “African Journal on Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences”.