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Adekunle Chioma



Chioma Adekunle is a Development and Food Economist. She had her Ph.D. in Consumer Welfare and Food Economics at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in the year 2020. Chioma, is a lecturer I in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Drawing from different theoretical and interdisciplinary perspectives, my research addresses important questions and policy issues regarding the Nigerian food system, including consumer food production and consumption behaviour and the links to human diet, nutrition and health. My research considers the efficiency of sustainable agricultural and food production, and food security in terms of food safety, food prices, and markets and consumer behavior related to food choices.

I have also examine the demographic, social, and economic determinants of food and nutrient consumption; interrelationships between food and non-food consumption; estimates of food availability and food loss; consumer valuation of quality, safety, and nutrition characteristics; and the role of information in determining food choices and associated health outcomes. 

A gender analysis adds depth to my research by acknowledging a broader range of distributive dynamics and enriching the ways welfare is assessed. My research focuses on structural sources of gender inequality. The focus on structures is important by looking beyond individual choices and preferences to examine the ways in which women and men are positioned differently in the economy. It also requires recognition of aspects of the economy that are often overlooked in much economic analysis such as intra-household dynamics, non-market production, access to land and unpaid household labor. 

Currently, I am examining the impacts of policy reform such as private land titling on access to key rural markets in Nigeria.