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Sally Okudo

Sally Okudo, the fourth born of six children was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She learnt what loss meant during her early teenage years, after losing her father to stomach cancer. That loss continues to drive her every day to make her father proud and reminisces of the days they would drive to their rural home in Seme, Kisumu in the back of her father’s truck. To this day she still credits her mother for being able to raise six children by herself after the loss of their father on her own.

Her education life started in Nairobi, doing her primary school at Catholic Parochial Primary School where she did her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). She was always quite hardworking and constantly going the extra mile to prove anyone who doubted her intelligence wrong. She continued to do her high school in St Francis Rang’ala high school, she completed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and moved to the United States to further her studies.

She went to Oklahoma and joined North Western Oklahoma State University where she pursued her nursing degree, during this time she did countless part time jobs to support her living in the United States. After completing her course at Anthem University,

In 2004 she had her first child, and moved back to Kenya to raise her there. She became self employed. She made an income in anything she could think of and was always looking for ways to innovate her business, she mainly went into Events and Corporate gift Branding and was one of the first pioneers of provision of mobile toilets in Kenya.

In mid 2016 she was in her rural home of Seme, Kisumu when some members of her community persuaded her to vie for MCA (Member of County Assembly) in the upcoming elections. This came after her opening a school she built that same year in honor of her father who was very passionate about education. It remains one of her greatest achievements to this day. She went on to campaign for the seat of MCA and emerged successful despite the challenges she had to face some of which were her being a woman and secondly she was barely able to communicate her mother tongue, but through all that she won and went on to become one of the Five Women in the County assembly that are elected.

In this seat she has been able to accomplish things like opening the first birth delivery center in her ward, given women opportunities for employment, bursaries and female empowerment throughout her Ward. She continuously shows love for everyone in her community and especially loves children. She believes that everyone should be given equal opportunities in life and does her best to do that. As of now she is awaiting the next general election in 2022 and lives with her children in Kisumu, Kenya and does her best to give everything in her to her community, her family and her life.