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Dave Kangombe


Dave’s career experience has brought a wealth of skills in the arena of community conservancies in the Kunene region of Namibia.
He has spent the last 20 years working with the IRDNC (Integrated Rural Development & Nature Conservation), beginning as a facilitator for community committees as well as rangeland management training and co-ordination for the broader region. He currently manages a conservancy cluster and is involved with initiatives in re-seeding for grazing areas, exploring community tourism opportunities, engagement and support to traditional authorities and community stakeholders. His responsibility also expands to strategic inter-ministerial input at a regional level.
His role currently supports Conserve Global’s project in the Kunene region of eleven contiguous conservancies which form what is known as the Kunene Highlands Elephant landscape. The focus is the connectivity between the Kunene River conservancies and the Etosha and Skeleton Coast national parks to maintain the ecological integrity, provide management support & maximize opportunities for innovative revenue generation.