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Adetola Okunlola

Adetola Okunlola

Student Focus:

Local economic development, agriculture and livelihoods


Tola Okunlola is a researcher and PHD student who joined PLAAS in 2012 for the ‘Supporting Smallholder Farmers into Commercial Agriculture’ research project, which focused on the relationships between small scale farmers and the private sector in South Africa. She is currently undertaking research into rural job creation in the Western Cape. Tola has a MA in Social Development from the Institute of Social Development at UWC, where she also lectures on a ‘Theory of Social Transformation’ course.

Her PHD focuses the way in which coloured fruit farmers in the Western Cape navigate their production network. Her key areas of interest are small-scale farmers, race relations within the Western Cape and ethical supply chain management.


MA, Social Development, Institute for Social Development, UWC (2012).


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