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Chikondi Manyungwa

+265 884 241656

Student Focus:

Women's participation in fish value chains; governance of fish value chains


Chikondi was born in 1973 in Thyolo district in Malawi. Chikondi is a fisheries professional currently employed by the Government of Malawi since 2002. She is a married woman with three children (2 daughters and 1 son). She has made it a point in her life to strive for her goals. In her current employment she has made strides in ensuring gender issues are taken into consideration in the Malawi Fisheries Sector. With her skills and knowledge on gender issues, she has made significant contributions to the Department of Fisheries some notable ones include facilitating the development of a gender HIV and AIDS strategy for the Department, contributing to mainstreaming of Gender HIV and AIDS in the Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAP). She acquired a Masters Degree from London South Bank University in 2012 with distinction. Part of her master’s thesis was published in an edited book titled “The Challenge of Sustainability: Linking Politics, education and learning” published by policy press in 2015. Chikondi has been a fellow under the African Women in Agriculture Research and Development (AWARD) offered by the CGIAR from 2008 to 2010. She has a Post Graduate Diploma on Gender Equality from the University of Iceland in collaboration with the United Nations University (UNU) obtained in 2013. She was the recipient for the Vigdis Finnbogadottir Award for her outstanding academic achievement in 2013.

Chikondi has acquired travelling, researching, living working and collaborating with different people. She has the ability to facilitate and maintain positive social relationships with others both in work and life. She is able to manage personal reactions and attitudes towards responsibilities and challenges in work and life. She is also able to collaborate with different people, professionals and institutions from different multicultural environments being a member of international professional networks like the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), Women Organising for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources (WOCAN). Even at the national level she is a member of the Malawi Gender Trainers Team (MGTT) and the Women in Science and Technology Network (WISTNET).

In addition to her formal duties Chikondi does conduct some consultancies as an individual and in collaboration with others. In this area, Chikondi has offered services ranging from training courses in gender, HIV and AIDS, evaluations of projects and programmes, baseline studies and proposal development to a number of institutions within Malawi.

Her PhD research interest is women participation in fish value chains and the governance of the value chains.


BSc (Agriculture), University of Malawi, 1998
Post Graduate Diploma on Gender Equality, University of Iceland, 2013
MSc (Education in Sustainability), London South Bank University, 2012


  1. (forthcoming) 'The role of indigenous knowledge in fisheries resources management: The case of Mbenje Island on Lake Malawi' in Atkinson, H., and Wade, R. The Challenge of Sustainability: Linking politics, education and learning. Bristol: Policy Press at the University of Bristol.