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Alex Dubb

Student Focus:

Small-scale farming, commodity chain regulation and governance, economic development and structural inequality


Alex Dubb joined PLAAS in 2010 as a research assistant while pursuing his MPhil (research), both within the DST/NRF research programme. His study focused on the patterns of inequality and dynamics of social differentiation among small-scale sugarcane farmers in two rural wards near Mtubatuba in KwaZulu-Natal. The study places a strong emphasis on the shifting material and political foundations of small-grower incorporation into the industry, particularly in regard to regulatory and structural changes since the 1990s. In continuity with insights from this study, he is currently engaged in collaborative research Southern African Sugar Research Network (SSRN), focusing on the expansion of sugar in Southern Africa more broadly.

Alex has a particular emerging interest in commodity-chain dynamics, their structural implications and possibilities to enhance small enterprise development and employment.


MPhil (Research) (Cum Laude) from PLAAS, UWC


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