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Ashley Naidoo


Student Focus:

Ocean and Coasts Governance; Large Marine Ecosystems; Environmental Good and Services; Marine Spatial Planning; Ecosystem Based Marine Management


Ashley Naidoo has worked in natural marine science and science support over the last 18 years. This was done at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Marine and Coastal Management and later at the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). He is currently the science manager at the National Department of Environmental Affairs; Branch Oceans and Coasts. This area of work covers natural science knowledge generation to support environmental management interventions. He has undertaken and advised on oceanic and coastal research programmes and environmental governance policy formulation. South African and Departmental representation at various regional and international multi-lateral forums including the Convention on Biological Diversity; the Benguela Current Commission Management Board; the Agulhas Somali Large Marine Ecosystem Programme Advisory Panel and the International Maritime Organisation – London Dumping Convention. Ashley currently serves on the Board of the South African Space Agency.

Through his work in the development of the South African Ocean Policy within the Department of Environmental Affairs; Ashley is keen on developing and evaluating implementation criteria and mechanisms for ocean governance policies. This is the focus of the research work planned at UWC - PLAAS.


M.Sc - University of Durban Westville 1998


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