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Umhlaba Wethu

by Karin Kleinbooi (ed) in 2013

This special edition considers how seemingly unorganised farmworkers were mobilised in November 2012 and what sparked the farm worker protests – the first of its kind in agriculture. It also shares the different experiences and positions of those affected by the farm worker protests. Finally,...

by Karin Kleinbooi (ed) in 2012

This bumper issue of Umhlaba Wethu looks at arguments around whether or not land reform is still necessary in South Africa. It also takes a closer look at the rejection of the Traditional Courts Bill by numerous civil society organisations, and reports on a survey of smallscale farmers in...

UW14 cover
by Kleinbooi K (ed) in 2012

Edition 14 focuses on the many weaknesses and shortcomings of the Traditional Courts Bill and its implications if passed in its current form. It aims to inform a wide range of civil society organisations and social actors debating the Bill to motivate for reshaping the regulation of the...

Umhlaba Wethu 13
by Kleinbooi K (ed) in 2011

In issue 13 we examine the role of local government in evictions, the Land Tenure Security Bill (LTSB) and the restitution programme.

Umhlaba Wethu 12
by Kleinbooi K (ed) in 2011

Edition 12 describes a civil society workshop on ‘Re-thinking Rural Transformation in South Africa' and identifies key issues for engagement including: the agri-food complex and protection of rights, the Land Tenure Security Bill, communal land rights and the Communal Land Rights Act (CLARA),...