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Occasional Papers

by Ratana Chuenpagdee , Philip Loring, Moenieba Isaacs in 2017

This special issue explores the importance of small-scale fisheries to food systems and food security at local, regional, and global levels. Fisheries, whether large or small, wild or farmed, commercial, artisanal, subsistence, or otherwise, contribute in multiple important ways to the lives and...

by Anstey S, Chirozva C, Rihoy E in 2007

This paper explores the on-going events surrounding the CAMPFIRE project of Mahenye in Zimbabwe within the context of the recent discourse of crisis within community based natural resource management (CBNRM) and crisis within the country itself. Despite Mahenye’s geographical isolation and small...

by Lahiff E in 2007

The concept of ‘market-based land reform’ has been central to the ‘new wave’ of land reform that has been in evidence internationally since the early 1990s. The introductory section of this paper focusses on the relatively recent emergence of MBLR internationally and how the concept has been...

by Maguranyanga B, Rihoy E in 2007

This paper examines the policy processes of devolution and democratisation of natural resource management as they relate to community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) outcomes in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Evidence suggests that local government can play a crucial role in sustaining CBNRM...

by Taylor M in 2007

This paper addresses the profound transformations in land tenure systems that have been prompted by decades of government and donor-driven programmes and policy, resulting in the shrinking of the commonage through the exclusion of extensive tracts of land and their transfer to private interests...