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LDPI Working Papers

LDPI Working Paper 37
by Michael B Dwyer in 2013

In their widely read discussion paper, the FAO, IFAD, UNCTAD and World Bank propose systematic property rights formalization – “the identification of rights holders, the legal recognition of rights and uses, and their demarcation and registration” – as a central first step in addressing the...

LDPI Working Paper 36
by Hossein Azadi, Ali Akbar Barati in 2013

This paper reports the results of the first phase of a study that examined the trend and the main drivers of agricultural land conversion (ALC) in Northeast Iran. Using a multi‐stakeholder analysis approach, data were obtained from agricultural land use policy makers in the Khorasan‐e‐Razavi...

LDPI Working Paper 35
by Irna Hofman in 2013

The overwhelming attention to global ‘land grabbing’ has paid no heed to recent agricultural land investments in post-Soviet Central Asia. This paper contributes to fill the void and focuses on the rural politics in the context of China’s rising presence in Tajikistan’s agriculture. I take an...

LDPI Working Paper 34
by Jessica Milgroom in 2013

The creation and enforcement of policies, international standards, or national laws have been proposed as necessary to protect rural dwellers from dispossession by land grabs. This study explores the way in which policy intended to protect people’s land tenure was enacted in practice based on a...

LDPI Working Paper 33
by Jessica M Chu in 2013

This paper first explores the question of what might ‘land grabs’ be in Zambia, from the perspective of two important accusations of ‘land grabs’ in Zambia. It then more closely explores the discourses employed Chayton, before proceeding towards Mkushi itself, with a more detailed encounter with...