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by Ben M. McKay, Ruth Hall, Juan Liu in 2018

The economic and political rise of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and Middle-Income Countries (MICs) have important...

by Refiloe Joala, Phillan Zamchiya, Clemente Ntauazi, Patrick Musole, Ceasar Katebe in 2016

Este livro apresenta estudos de caso sobre os sistemas agro-alimentares em mutação na África Austral, no contexto dos grandes investimentos em terra e dos grandes investimentos no campo dos agro-negócios. Ao registar os testemunhos das pessoas locais num contexto rural, com foco particular sobre...

Front cover Agro-food
by Refiloe Joala, Phillan Zamchiya, Clemente Ntauazi, Patrick Musole, Caesar Katebe in 2016

This book presents case studies on changing agro-food systems in Southern Africa within the context of large-scale land-based and agri-business investments. By capturing the testimonies of local people in rural settings, with a particular focus on small-scale farmers, it aims to provide vivid...

by Ruth Hall, PLAAS in 2015

This video shows exerpts from the Cape Town launch of the book, Africa's land rush, edited by Ruth Hall, Ian Scoones and Dzodzi Tsakata. Prof Ruth Hall is in discussion with Prof Ben Cousins and contributor Mr Emmanuel Sulle.

Africa's Land Rush explores the processes through which land...

Africa's land rush
by Ruth Hall, Ian Scoones, Dzodzi Tsikata in 2015

This book is 'the most historically grounded, lucid and nuanced understanding to date of the complex political economy of the contemporary rush for land in Africa' according to Professor Adebayo Olukoshi, Director of of the United Nations Institute for Development. 

Africa's Land Rush...