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Annual Reports

Bringing Marginalised Livelihoods into Focus, 2008-2011
by Rebecca Pointer in 2012

This report covers a period in which PLAAS sought to clarify and consolidate its vision, and elaborate an agenda for research, policymaking, teaching and training that emphasises the centrality of the dynamics of chronic poverty and structural inequality in South Africa. The particular emphasis...

Annual report 2006-7
by Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies in 2007

As in the past, PLAAS research projects are concerned both to understand the complex causalities of structural poverty and to explore the policy implications of such understandings. Our research is thus ‘fundamental-applied’ in character. PLAAS researchers have continued to be directly involved...

ten year review
by Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies in 2005

The Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Over the last ten years we have undertaken research on land and agrarian reform, the changing composition of livelihoods and poverty dynamics in both rural and urban contexts, rural governance,...

by Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies in 2004

This report details the continued productivity of PLAAS researchers, who published 37 journal articles, book chapters, research reports, policy briefs and newspaper articles in 2004. They also presented a total of 67 papers at conferences, workshops and seminars. A new publication series...

Annual report 2003
by Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies in 2003

The year 2003 saw PLAAS staff engaging with policy-making processes in many contexts and with a range of actors and agencies; equally important to the PLAAS mission are teaching and training activities. The Group Award from the university’s Division for Life-Long Learning was awarded to PLAAS...