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Making agricultural investment work for Africa: A parliamentarians response to the land rush

Since 2011, the Pan African Parliament (PAP), in cooperation with the regional parliaments, launched a campaign to raise awareness about large-scale investment in land, entitled  Making Agricultural Investment Work for Africa: a parliamentarian’s response to the land rush. The Southern regional meeting is the last of the series and will be jointly organised with the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF). 

The event included a Southern Africa Regional Parliamentary Seminar and a Speakers’ Conference. The event resulted in the DRAFT DECLARATION from the Pan African Parliament on 'Agricultural investment and the land rush; and several blogs were produced about the event:


This event is the last in a series of events organised by the Pan African Parliament.

African countries and institutions, such as the African Union, African Development Bank, UN Economic Commission for Africa, New Partnership for Africa’s Development, the Land Policy Initiative and others, have clearly recognised the urgent need to increase public and private investment to the agriculture sector to improve food security and rural livelihoods.

For information on the other events in this series, visit the IISD website.