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by Elizabeth R Selig, Mafaniso Hara, et al. Fish & Fisheries in 2017

PLAAS researcher, Mafa Hara ias a co-author of this newly published journal article.
Fisheries provide nutrition and livelihoods for coastal populations, but many fisheries are fully or over-exploited and we lack an approach for analysing which factors affect management tool performance....

by Tapiwa Chatikobo in 2016

In this paper, presented at the IIPPE Conference 2016 - Agrarian Change Working Group, the main argument is the outcomes/ effects of land reform in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe where livestock production predominate have not been...

by David Neves in 2016

Within South Africa, the deeply entrenched process of industrialization, 'de-agrarianisation' and proletarianization have made for a highly dichotomous and racialized countryside one where agricultural modernity exists alongside widespread poverty and deprivation. This presentation at the...

by Alex Dubb in 2016

This paper was presented at the IIPPE 7th International Conference in Political Economy ‘Political Economy: International Trends and National Differences’ at the University of Lisbon, Portugal from September 7-9, 2016.