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FAC Working Paper 55
by Rebecca Smalley in 2013

There is uncertainty and no small controversy surrounding the potential impacts of commercial agricultural developments that are being proposed for sub-Saharan Africa by domestic governments and foreign investors. Much of the debate concerns how Africa’s rural poor could be affected. One...

The New Enclosures
by Ben White, Saturnino Borras Jr., Ruth Hall, Ian Scoones, Wendy Wolford in 2013

This collection explores the complex dynamics of corporate land deals from a broad agrarian political economy perspective, with a special focus on the implications for property and labour regimes, labour processes and structures of accumulation. This involves looking at ways in which existing...

Livelihoods after Land Reform
by Michael Aliber , Themba Maluleke, Tshililo Manenzhe, Gaynor Paradza, Ben Cousins in 2013

South Africa: Livelihoods after Land Reform is the South African component of a broader three-country study (also including Zimbabwe and Namibia) on Livelihoods after Land Reform (LaLR). The aim of LaLR is to measure the impact of land reform, but above all it is to understand that impact – how...

Farm workers and farm dwellers in Limpopo
by Poul Wisborg, Ruth Hall, Shirhami Shirinda, Phillan Zamchiya in 2013

Burning fields, demonstrations and clashes between police and farm workers: in 2012, farms in South Africa’s Western Cape province witnessed a wave of anger and violence during protests against low wages and poor living conditions. Old patterns of ownership and power still produce tense human...

Smallholders and agro-food value chains in South Africa
by Stephen Greenberg (ed) in 2013

Progressive agrarian transformation has rhetorically encompassed a shift to small-scale agriculture in South Africa since at least 1994 when the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) proposed reorienting agricultural support towards small-scale production. However, material support for...