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LDPI Working Paper 26
by Benjamin D Neimark in 2013

Across the continent, Africans are witnessing their most fertile agricultural lands being sold‐off for the global biofuel industry at unprecedented rates, fueling social anxiety and unrest. In Madagascar, unrest intensified so much in 2008 that populist protests against a government land deal...

LDPI Working Paper 25
by Muriel Côte in 2013

In Burkina Faso, the last 10 years have seen a progressive and impressive rise of the mining industry in the national economy. Seven open‐pit industrial mines have opened since 2007, about 700 prospecting permits are currently owned. At the same time, illegal artisanal mining in many parts of...

LDPI Working Paper 24
by Susanne Johanna Väth in 2013

Whether land transactions can benefit the local population depends on the governance system, the so‐called rules of the game and their enforcement. As investors often face a weak institutional environment in target countries, outcomes for the local population frequently seem to be arbitrary and...

LDPI Working Paper 23
by Laureen Elgert in 2013

Certification initiatives are an increasingly prominent means of quelling public concern about the wider socio‐political, economic and environmental consequences of commodity production (timber, palm oil, soy) on increasingly concentrated land holdings in countries characterized by large, poor,...

LDPI Working Paper 22
by Justa Mayra Hopma in 2013

This paper seeks to explain why the planned Jordanian investments in Sudan failed to materialize despite the relatively advanced stage of negotiations and planning. In doing so it provides an overview of the negotiation process as it developed since the two countries signed a 70‐year...