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LDPI Working Paper 31
by Martina Locher , Emmanuel Sulle in 2013

In the absence of an easily available source of reliable up-to-date data on foreign land deals in Tanzania, many reports have been published that attempt to provide an overview of these deals. While providing this overview is challenging due to the dynamic and non-transparent nature of the 'land...

LDPI Working Paper 30
by Michael Chasukwa in 2013

This study aims to understand the nature of land grabs in Malawi and their implications on food security. It employs a political economy theoretical framework in the quest to establish different underlying interests held by different actors and how these interests are pushed into policy...

LDPI Working Paper 29
by Phil René Oyono in 2013

Coastal Cameroon is currently the arena of land acquisition operations for large-scale agricultural investments, mainly the monoculture of palm oil. Huge agro-industrial concessions are increasingly granted, very often in obscure conditions. The phenomenon shows a great replicability across the...

LDPI Working Paper 28
by Kerstin Nolte, Lieske Voget-Kleschin in 2013

Critics of large scale land acquisitions often point to risks imposed on the rural poor and complain about their lack of inclusion in the decision-making process. Consultation and public participation are widely recognized as an important aspect of fair land deals. Most Voluntary guidelines and...

LDPI Working Paper 27
by Sarah Ruth Sippel in 2013

Investments in global agricultural land properties have recently gained much attention. While the focus is often on “North-South” dimensions addressing impacts on small-scale farming, livelihoods, and food security in the global South this paper explores investments from the Arab Gulf targeting...