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LDPI Working Paper 34
by Jessica Milgroom in 2013

The creation and enforcement of policies, international standards, or national laws have been proposed as necessary to protect rural dwellers from dispossession by land grabs. This study explores the way in which policy intended to protect people’s land tenure was enacted in practice based on a...

by Ruth Hall in 2013

This presentation, made to parliament on 7 June 2013, outlines some key challenges for land reform policy making, including deciding who should get the land, what type and scale of farming should be done on the land, how will land be identified and acquired, how will the value of land be...

LDPI Working Paper 33
by Jessica M Chu in 2013

This paper first explores the question of what might ‘land grabs’ be in Zambia, from the perspective of two important accusations of ‘land grabs’ in Zambia. It then more closely explores the discourses employed Chayton, before proceeding towards Mkushi itself, with a more detailed encounter with...

LDPI Working Paper 32
by Ana Sofia Ganho in 2013

This paper examines a land deal in a state‐run irrigation scheme in Southern Mozambique to develop agriculture through technology transfers, in the context of Sino‐Mozambican bilateral relations. The project has developed in two distinct phases since 2006, consisting of a pilot phase and slow...

by Southern Africa Food Lab, PLAAS in 2013

The market access learning journey to Northern KwaZulu-Natal was designed to explore the possibilities and dilemmas of integrating smallholder farmers into commercial supply chains and to inform relevant policy frameworks. The learning journey aimed to achieve this by facilitating exposure to,...