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PLAAS Annual Report 2012

by Rebecca Pointer in 2013

This report provides a brief overview of our work, outputs, activities and achievements in 2012 - an eventful and challenging year. Globally, it was a time that saw the intensification of the agro-food dynamics driving poverty and inequality, with little sign of decisive resolution in any direction. This was particularly evident at the Rio +20 and the COP 18 summits, which simply continued 'the Great Dithering' that has characterised policy responses to climate change. In much of the global South the instability in global financial systems continued to have dire effects - and there were many worrying signs that serious food price inflation would return. Both on the right and the left the temptation exists for scholars and scientists to pass over troubling and messy facts and to downplay difficult choices and trade-offs. However, PLAAS and its researchers have tried to remain attentive to the fluidity and complexity of reality, and tried to interrogate the intricate realities of agro-food systems and the ways they are changing. Our aim has to been to do use-oriented basic research inspired by the challenge of equitable social transformation.