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Transition Lab: Supporting Smallholders into Commercial Agriculture - a social dialogue and learning project

by Southern Africa Food Lab in 2014

The Transition Lab took place at the Irene Dairy farm on the 27 to 29 January 2014. The primary purpose of the Transition Lab was for involved stakeholders to take stock of what transpired in this initial phase of the SSCA project, and to prepare for shifting their attention to a subsequent phase of prototyping innovations defined in the first phase. The first day of the transition lab was devoted to training innovation team leads and one “champion” from their respective innovation groups in the kind of leadership that would be needed in their teams going forward, while also introducing them to the concepts of social prototyping and action learning. The second day opened the lab up to all members of the innovation teams and focused on presentations that elucidated the findings of the SSCA project to date. The third day was an opportunity for teams to look forward, to not only progress the design of their innovations’ prototypes but also to crystallize the goals and values at the core of their projects.