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by in 2017
BICAS International Conference - New Extractivism, Peasantries and Social Dynamics: Critical Perspectives and Debates Fourth conference, Moscow, 13-16 October 2017 Please send your abstract: 500 words plus 100 words short bio – in one file, Word format to: Deadline:...
by Oxpeckers Reporters in 2017
In Tugela Ferry in central KwaZulu-Natal, 95% of farmers with plots of less than half a hectare are producing crops commercially. Other smallholders sell cattle, sheep and goats raised on communal grazing lands to the ceremonial market. In Venda, Limpopo, permaculture food gardens support extended...
by Travers Andrews in 2017
Researchers at the University of the Western Cape are looking into enhancing crop productivity even under hostile conditions to ensure food security for all, Prof Ndiko Ludidi is interviewed. Research is also looking into how markets shape food choices of people on the continent, Refiloe Joala is...
by David Neves in 2017
This documentary examines rural livelihoods in South Africa. Drawing on the narratives of several interviewees, it explains how impoverished people in South Africa's rural, former homeland communal areas survive and sustain themselves. The film suggests both the importance of between rural areas...
by in 2016
African food systems are undergoing profound changes. Natural resources are being commercialised, corporations have growing influence in the production, processing and retailing of food, and food value chains are becoming increasingly concentrated.