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by Edward Qorro, The Guardian in 2016
A women's charter of demands was presented at the culmination of the week-long Kilimanjaro Initiative held in the region. The Initiative mobilised rural women from across Africa towards an iconic moment at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in October 2016, to demand concrete action in securing their land...
by Ben Cousins, Rural21 in 2016
Land grabbing over nearly 350 years of South African history saw the loss of key productive resources by indigenous populations and erosion of their rights to land and natural resources. Women’s land rights were severely undermined, especially in areas where land was held and governed within...
by Mark Reed in 2016
What key actions can help research have impact? Interviews with 32 researchers and stakeholders across 13 environmental management research projects lead to the five principles and key issues described in this article.
by Ian Scoones, Zimbabweland in 2016
In this blog, the author looks at a new open access paper published as part of the Journal of Southern African Studies special issue on the political economy of sugar in southern Africa. In this paper, the progress of outgrowers is investigated and data collected over 12 years from Hippo Valley...
by William G Moseley, Rachel Fehr, Aljazeera in 2016
Southern Africa has suffered through one of the worst droughts in decades and now small farmers face a long hungry season with growing food aid needs until the next harvest. Given the growing uncertainty of rainfall in this region, many are turning to irrigation as a key strategy for securing...