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by Jessica van Onselen , Ruth Hall in 2018
#GiveBackTheLand! Yeah! But which land? And how? And to whom? And through which process? The EFF and the ANC want the South African Constitution changed to enable expropriation without compensation. Jessica talks to Professor Ruth Hall about how we can put actual human beings and their needs at the...
by Khulekani Magubane in 2018
In the past 24 years the African National Congress-led government presided over a state where black people’s progress in land rights not only slowed down but regressed, according to researchers from the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the Western Cape.
by Ben Cousins in 2018
Smallholder farming has been neglected over the past 23 years of South Africa’s attempt to redistribute land taken away from black people during the apartheid era. Not one farm acquired for redistribution has been officially sub-divided, despite there being no legal barriers to doing so. Instead...
by Dominic Adriaanse, Cape Times in 2018
The land issue in the country was placed under the spotlight at a seminar held at the University of the Western Cape, with senior researchers from the institution saying the constitution was not the obstacle to land reform - rather, it was a lack of political will to drive a process of...
by Serena Hawkey, Business Day in 2018
The land crisis could be a catalyst for beneficial change if the opportunity to rectify decades of neglect is recognised and harnessed‚ says one of SA’s leading restitution experts. Delivering a public lecture at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) on Tuesday‚ Prof Ruth Hall said an engaged...