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TRAINING WORKSHOP “Transdisciplinarity in Fisheries & Ocean Sustainability” Cape Town, January 21-24th, 2019

by TOO BIG TO IGNORE (Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries Research) in 2018

About the TD training programme

The transdisciplinary (TD) training programme is developed by the ‘Too Big To Ignore’ Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries Research (TBTI; toobigtoignore@net). The objective of the training is to expose participants to a range of issues, challenges and concerns related to fisheries and ocean sustainability, especially those affecting small-scale fisheries, as well as to deepen the understanding about their causes and effects, and to broaden the perspective about how to address them. Since transdisciplinarity is mostly about process, participants will learn leadership, problem-solving, facilitation and conflict resolution skills, learn to lead discussion and recognize group dynamics, as well as any power imbalance, and learn to communicate effectively with different stakeholders from various backgrounds. Some of the personal traits that the training will promote among participants are respect, empathy, fairness and open-mindedness. 

The TD training workshop will begin with a series of lectures on theories and main concepts, such as transdisciplinarity, wicked problems, stakeholders, governance, governability, and sustainability, accompanied by exercises and practical activities to facilitate learning. Participants will be working in small groups to analyse the case studies using the frameworks learned, including stakeholder analysis, institutional analysis, and governability assessment. 

Target group: the target group for the TD training workshop in Cape Town are young professionals and early career scientists from Africa with background and knowledge about fisheries and oceans, and with a keen interest in contributing to sustainability.