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Cha Kula - Serving thought for food

by Ruth Nyambura, Kari Mugo, Layla Liebetrau (Editors) in 2018

The Route to Food Initiative has produced Cha Kula, a bi-annual publication, in a push to create a paradigm shift in the discussions relating to food security in Kenya. It aims to disabuse misconceptions that food security is simply about some people lacking food on their plates. It is not only about drought or famine. And, it cannot be solved by mass production of a staple foods. In this inaugural edition, Cha Kula explores the complex issues that affect you and the person next to you, because these issues influence what we need most to survive now and in the future – food.

Cha Kula brings to life the different ways in which politics plays out in Kenya’s food system. Think about it, food is a basic everyday reality but it is also a political issue. For Kenya, food is an aspiration. You can find it in supermarkets, from your local mama mboga and in the village. You can also find it in the Constitution under Article 43, meaning that we have signed up and agreed that every Kenyan, “has the right to be free from hunger and have adequate food of acceptable quality”.