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Social protection and social grants

by Wendy Knowler in 2017

The big-name supermarkets should be compelled to stock products produced by “smallholders” and new shopping mall developments should be made to allocate 25% of floor space to local township businesses‚ it has been suggested to the Competition Commission. The submission‚ to the Commission’s...

by PMG in 2016

The Department of Social Development invites you to comment on the Draft Social Assistance Amendment Bill, 2016.

The Bill seeks to amend the Social Assistance Act, 2004, so as to:
• insert new definitions;
• provide for additional payments or benefits linked to social...

by Gilad Isaacs, Servaas Storm, Econ 3x3 in 2016

This article analyses whether computable general equilibrium (CGE) models are suitable for projecting the likely consequences of implementing a national minimum wage. Referring to modelling exercises undertaken by the National Treasury and the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU), it shows...

Working Paper 41
by Margareet Visser in 2016

This state of the knowledge review sets out to identify the main research themes and findings in the literature on labour relations and conditions on Western Cape fruit farms over the past 20 years. The paper also compares if and how farmworker livelihoods have changed since the heyday of...

by Kevin Watkins, Maria Quattri, ODI in 2016

In the report from ODI, Child poverty, inequality and demography, the authors examine the implications of demographic trends in Africa for the changing age profile of world poverty – and for the region's development prospects. Investing in opportunities for Africa’s children could yield major...