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Research use and impact

by Sue Mbaya in 2019

This Scorecard is for:

MEASURING how committed governments are to women’s land rights in each country.

COMPARING how women are confronting their governments about land rights.

LEARNING how women are tackling their land rights issues.

SHARING lessons emerging from...

by PLAAS in 2018

This brochure is a celebration of more than 23 years of research, teaching and policy engagement at PLAAS. Catch a snap shot of our publications, research areas, research partnerships, public engagement, media engagement, teaching, and staffing over the last two decades.

by Andries du Toit in 2017

Are we standing on the brink of a new kind of nihilistic governmentality, where politics is turned into perpetual theatre, disconnected from any kind of coherent government programming?

In many parts of the world, there is a growing crisis in the hegemony of what has commonly been called...

by Josh Brem-Wilson in 2016

The emergence of the transnational as a site and object of governance has triggered concern amongst both affected publics subject to these effects, and scholars keen to locate the democratic potentials therein. Increasingly, public sphere theory is being promoted as a lens for interrogating the...

by Mark Reed in 2016

What key actions can help research have impact? Interviews with 32 researchers and stakeholders across 13 environmental management research projects lead to the five principles and key issues described in this article.