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Land reform

by Sue Mbaya in 2019

This Scorecard is for:

MEASURING how committed governments are to women’s land rights in each country.

COMPARING how women are confronting their governments about land rights.

LEARNING how women are tackling their land rights issues.

SHARING lessons emerging from...

by Michael Aliber in 2019

13  March

This position paper sketches an approach to improving land redistribution in South Africa in which the broad aim is to use redistribution to create a range of livelihood opportunities, in meaningful numbers, in proportion to the understood need. The approach laid out in the...

by Nick Vink, Johann Kirsten in 2019

The current debate on land reform in South Africa is unnecessarily polarised between those who believe that the market has failed to deliver, and those who believe that the bureaucracy has failed to deliver. Instead, we...

by Rick de Satgé, Ben Cousins in 2019
There is widespread agreement that land reform in South Africa is in deep trouble. However, there are very different perspectives on what should be done to address the failure to meaningfully redistribute land and resolve the land question.  
Section 25 of the Constitution requires...
by Phillan Zamchiya in 2019

This Working Paper explains the processes by which land, water and other natural resources were seized, and their previous users dispossessed, for the purposes of capital accumulation by Ivanplats platinum mining company in Limpopo, South Africa. The mining firm...