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Food system value chains

by Jan Theron in 2016

Contrary to a popular narrative which seeks to attribute the country’s economic ills to labour legislation, this paper argues that the role of law in relation to the economy is constitutive, and that labour can also not be considered in isolation from other branches of law in this regard. The...

by David Neves, Anne Marie Thow in 2018

IOL Voices360, 16 Oct 

World Food Day takes place annually on 16 October providing an useful opportunity to reflect on the state of food and nutrition in...

by PLAAS in 2018

PLAAS engages in sustained and meaningful ways with key sectors in society – often those who are not in conversation with one another. We work with government in a variety of ways at a senior level. We work closely with social movements, non-governmental organisations, and with small-scale...

by PLAAS in 2018

This brochure is a celebration of more than 23 years of research, teaching and policy engagement at PLAAS. Catch a snap shot of our publications, research areas, research partnerships, public engagement, media engagement, teaching, and staffing over the last two decades.

by Ruth Nyambura, Kari Mugo, Layla Liebetrau (Editors) in 2018