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Public Seminar: Women and the Struggle for Land & Natural Resources

Venue: School of Public Health, Venue 1A & B, UWC
Date: 28 Aug 2018
Time: 12:30 to 14:30
EMS Women's Month Public Seminar
The University of the Western Cape is at the forefront of questioning the future direction for land reform, property and tenure rights in South Africa. How can we overcome centuries of land dispossession and discriminatory tenure systems? How can land and fishing rights be redistributed in an equitable way? Who should benefit? How can these reforms prioritise women’s rights, access and interests, and how are women working together and struggling for an emancipatory future?
The event will address three questions:
1. How far have we come in securing women’s access and rights to the land and sea?
2. What are the struggles now and what is the strategic vision for the future?
3. Is there scope for solidarity among women struggling for land and fishing rights – in cities, on farms, in communal areas, and coastal communities?

 Focus areas



Women in the cities

Women at the forefront of urban struggles for land and housing

Mandisa Shandu, Ndifuna Ukwazi

Women on the farms

Women’s struggles for livelihoods and resistance to evictions

Carmen Louw, Women on Farms Project

Women in communal areas

Contesting patriarchal custom, traditional authorities and investors

Constance Mogale, Alliance for Rural Democracy

Women’s inheritance

Contesting women’s rights under African and Muslim customary law

Seehaam Samaai, Women’s Legal Centre

Women in fishing communities

Women struggling for the land and the sea in fishing communities

(Documentary) Sarah Niemand and the women of Buffeljagsbaai 

Chair / Moderator: Prof Ruth Hall, PLAAS, EMS, UWC


Event will be live-streamed

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