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Film Documentary & Public Debate on Land. "This Land"

Venue: Main Hall, University of the Western Cape
Date: 24 Oct 2018
Time: 13:00 to 15:00


“We have seen that the chiefs are selling land to busi-ness people, mining companies, giving land to foreign-ers to build malls. We know that sometimes our land rights are not properly written in the law. But we know that traditionally we have a land right” Mbhekiseni Mavuso, Makhasaneni


With his uneven, determined gait, Mavuso leads us to his father’s grave. He promised his father he would fight for the land and not allow his remains to be disturbed. Hidden in the rolling hills of Northern Kwazulu-Natal, Makhasaneni was considered worthless during Apartheid and relegated to the homeland of KwaZulu. “Now we see people coming in and digging and they say, ‘there are min-erals under here and all of you are going to be moved’”

But the people of Makhasaneni are not planning to go. THIS LAND is a 48-minute narrative documentary about the struggle for land.