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Farmworkers' living and working conditions

The ‘Farm Worker’s Living and Working Conditions’ Workshop was held on 19 September 2013 at the School of Government, University of Western Cape. It brought together over 30 participants from the farm worker and researcher fraternity to consider the critical questions that are framing the debates on farm workers. and working conditions. The living and working conditions of farm workers’ has attracted political attention from both the government and the agricultural industry, especially after the contributory farm workers’ protest towards the end of 2012 that affect farm workers such as insecure tenure and dwindling employment opportunities. The workshop offered CSOs and researchers an opportunity to articulate and understand the dynamics around farm workers living and working conditions. Alternatives to respond to agrarian transformation should be considered at local levels that consider local conditions and it requires relationships between farm worker committees and farm workers, NGOs and researchers working through processes of engagement and research on what people want.