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A new agri-business investor, Premier Corn Limited, is looking to promote an outgrower scheme for commercial cassava production with small-scale farmers in Zambia’s Kalumbila district (a new district promulgated by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in October 2015).

South Africa’s food system is dominated by large corporations to an unusual extent.Through economies of scale and efficiencies, they make a significant contribution to basic food security by making it possible for poor people to secure their basic calorie needs.  But they exercise an undue influence on the regulation and governance of the food...

Small-scale farmers are vital to agriculture and rural development in marginalised Mozambique, but government needs to provide more support.

Lesotho female farmworkers, at a recent “speak out” described how they were often sexually harassed by foremen on commercial farms, who sometimes demanded sex as a bribe for employment opportunities.

On 30 November 2010, 42 abattoir workers were locked out of the Roberston Abattoir for refusing to comply with the demand that they slaughter 850 sheep a day.  Contractually, their working hours were from 7am to 5pm, with a daily target of 600 carcasses.