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The news that government will probably have to delay the achievement of the 30% target from 2014 to 2025 will anger many people. It will be seen as yet more evidence of Government’s failure to deliver on its promises — even of the failure of land reform. In my view, however, it is probably a blessing in disguise.

In March 2006 four rural communities challenged the constitutionality of the Communal Land Rights Act of 2004, arguing that it would undermine their right to tenure security as set out in the South African constitution.

In recent months, as the first post-election glow faded, all eyes have been on President Zuma to see how he would go about living up

Welcome to the blog of the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies!   Here,  PLAAS researchers will be setting out their views and findings on key aspects of the politics and economics of land and agrarian change in Southern Africa.

One of the key issues I think we should confront in debating land and agrarian reform on this blog – and this is going to sound odd coming from a PLAAS researcher  – is the relative marginality of ‘the agrarian question’ to mainstream South African politics.